Ohh De Naturale

Rose Facial Foam 450ml


Handmade in Brisbane these completely natural products are suitable for the entire family. With only the best natural ingredients used.

This stunning soft, gentle cleanser will be your daily favourite. Rose has forever been one of the most exquisite & therapeutic ingredients in skincare. Rose hydrates, brightens, assists redness, helps to break down scars & can also treat many skin conditions like Rosacea & Eczema. Rose is a tissue regenerator loaded with skin nourishing properties. It is also antibacterial so it is affective fighting acne and combats inflammation. Use of this cleanser will encourage glowing supple skin. This foam goes hand in hand with our Exfoliant Facial Polish. Add our Exfoliant Facial Polish to your palm and mix with foam, cleanse in a circular motion. Remove using a wet cotton microfibre facial pad. This cleanser is a larger 450ml foam with neck lock so you can travel with it easily.

Ingredients: Fair trade Rose liquid Castile, Rose floral water, ( Rose Damascena) Pure veg Glycerine, Vite, Jojoba oil

Ohh De Naturale - Rose Facial Foam 450ml