From a love and respect for the creative and unique, Cathy Wilkinson created The Creative Collective Brisbane. 

With a desire to provide a place where local makers, artists and creators were able to showcase their work to the public, The Creative Collective Brisbane was established in January 2018.

Open as a retail outlet to the public, collectors, stylists, designers and decorators, the Collective  is the place to visit for original and bespoke pieces. Home to the Indigo Earth Designs studio, The Creative Collective Shop and the popular CCB Circular Fashion.

Cathy has a passion for environmentally sustainable practices that focus on using reclaimed, up-cycled and homemade furniture and decor. She believes in providing beautiful design choices that are both environmentally conscious and stylish and also practical. Combined with her natural flair and passion for interior design, the result is The Creative Collective’s stunning and inspirational space that pays respect to makers and their talent and training.

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