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Sell at The Creative Collective Shop

Are you a maker, artist or artisan who is thinking of branching out and offering your product for sale via a retail store? 

Supporting local and international product makers and artisans, especially those with an environmental conscious, is what we believe in here at The Creative Collective Brisbane

The Creative Collective is a beautiful space, offering 5 days a week trading, with passionate, and sales focused staff who appreciate the time and skill taken to create your individual products. 

With marketing, merchant fees, visual merchandising and real estate all taken care of, you will have the time to do what you really love – making and creating.

Take advantage of the opportunity to do what every maker dreams of

– making a living from their craft.

How it works:

1. Read the Consignment Guidelines 

2. Our rent-a-space is a cheap way to market your product and sell in-store and online with us.  Prices start from $25+gst per week 

In return, we only charge 25% commission on sales of your products.  

2. If you are happy with our guidelines please send an email with photos to and if interested, we will respond with an appointment time for you to bring sample pieces to the warehouse. 


CIRCULAR Fashion.jpg

Make some money and pass on your designer clothes to someone who will love them. Clean out your wardrobe now! 

Sell Circular Fashion
  1. Select the designer pieces you want to sell. Make sure they are in great condition, clean, mark free, e.g only summer clothes in summer time.Please note: We don’t accept shoes, underwear, swimwear, athletic wear or kids clothes.

  2. Download and fill in the CCB Circular Fashion Consignment Form, and bring it along with your clothes to The Creative Collective warehouse on Thursdays between 9am  and 4pm.
    (Please check to make sure we are taking stock! Contact Us to make another time if Friday doesn't suit.)
    We have a rent-a-wardrobe for clothes, bags, shoes and hats for $90+gst per week. Or if you only have about about 18 pieces of clothing we have rent-a-rack for $40+gst per week.  

  3. Two friends or family can share a space to minimise your cost for fast returns. 

  4. We are starting to accommodate mens clothing and more vintage clothing as well, so if you have surplus of either of these categories, they are in great need and will potentially sell well. 

  5. You will have your own space where you can advertise on social media, place signage on and we will also promote your quality vintage, designer or high-0end pre-loved clothing for you. This is essentially your space to promote and sell all of your beautiful items.  

  6. We can also assist you with what items will sell well for faster returns. 

  7. Tag each of your items with the sale price. We will hold 25% of this amount and pay you the rest by the 15th of the month for sold items

  8. Relax and dream about how you are going to spend your easily earned cash!


  • What kind of items can I sell?
    We will select items from only clothing that are top brand labels, are clean, mark free, in great condition, and are current season styles (e.g. Summer styles in Summer). We do not accept shoes, swimwear, athletic clothes, underwear, kids clothing.
  • How long is a consignement period?
    The Consignment term is strictly 4 months from delivery of items.
  • How much does it cost for me to sell my pre-loved clothes at CCB Circular Fashion?
    A consignment fee of 50% of the sale price you have specified will be retained by The Creative Collective for the sale of clothing items. TCCB is registered for, and charges GST. This is absorbed into the 50% consignment fee.
  • If I sell items, when do I get paid?"
    You will be paid for any clothes you have sold at the end of the 4 month term of the consignment period.
  • How do I know if you are currently taking items?
    Check our Instagram or Facebook pages. Or, contact us via email or phone at the warehouse.
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